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Announcement Sheet, Week of 11/28/2022

Viper Band and Vision Families, WHAT A WEEK! I am sure everyone is exhausted, but that trip was incredible! We are so proud of the Viper Band and Vision Dance Company and thankful for the support of our band family, friends, and Vandegrift community in New York City. Parents, you did your job PERFECTLY! The

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Announcement Sheet, Week of 11/14/2022

Good morning Viper Band and Vision Families, I hope everyone rested up this weekend! This is our last week to prepare for Macy's and I can't wait for the students to show off what they have been working on next Saturday, November 19th at our Send-off Performance! As there always is in the Vandegrift

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Macy’s Parade Itinerary Update

Good afternoon students and parents! We are looking forward to having all student travelers (and one parent) at the Macy's Student Trip Meeting tonight! We will be discussing many details this evening, but please use the updated itinerary for our meeting. Mrs. VanDoren Director of the Wind Ensemble Co-Director of Concert

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Announcement Sheet, week of 11/7/2022

Good morning Viper Band and Vision Families, Congratulations students on another fantastic weekend! We are on the home-stretch! I would also like to thank all of our volunteers for their time and dedication these past three days. It has been quite the crazy schedule and we couldn't do what we all do without you. Thank you!

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Defining the Standard

Welcome to the Band Department of Vandegrift High School

The Instrumental Music Department at Vandegrift High School enrolls over 300 students from the 9th through 12th grades who study with a dedicated teaching faculty as well as private lesson instructors.

Our Philosophy of Education

Music is a fundamental piece of the human experience. Music Education is therefore a necessary endeavor to ensure that the whole child is being educated. This includes skill development, cognitive understanding, and aesthetic appreciation for many forms of music.

The primary objective of the Vandegrift High School Instrumental Music Department is to develop the performance, rehearsal, and personal practice skills of each student. The vision for the program is to “Define the Standard” in all we do.

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