Support VHS Band & Vision Dance Everyday

Effortless Giving opportunities are fundraising opportunities that are not events but are a way for you to support the VHS Band & Vision Dance Company with your everyday purchases. You can support the band with just the things you already do, such as eat, shop, bank or search. Effortless Giving is easy to do, easy to set up, and hardly requires any effort on your part to continue supporting the band. Please show your support by clicking thru our website to use these business services.

Products & Services

You can support the Viper Band when you shop at Amazon. Simply click the logo above & bookmark it as your Amazon shopping link, no longer do you need to come to our website to click the link for us to get credit. The band will receive a small percentage of your purchases as a donation, all you have to do is bookmark this link as your Amazon shopping link on your desktop or mobile phone.

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You can support Viper Band & Vision when you shop for weekly groceries at Randall’s. Register your Rewards card at the store with our booster code 12345. The band will receive 1% of all your purchases!