Welcome to Vandegrift Viper Band & Vision Dance Company

Viper Band Department


The Instrumental Music Department at Vandegrift High School enrolls over 300 students from the 9th through 12th grades who study with a dedicated teaching faculty as well as private lesson instructors.

Our Philosophy of Education

Music is a fundamental piece of the human experience. Music Education is therefore a necessary endeavor to ensure that the whole child is being educated. This includes skill development, cognitive understanding, and aesthetic appreciation for many forms of music.

The primary objective

Vandegrift High School Instrumental Music Department is to develop the performance, rehearsal, and personal practice skills of each student. The vision for the program is to “Define the Standard” in all we do.

Vision Dance Company


The Vision Dance Company has been created to provide students an additional dance performance opportunity within the high school curriculum. The Vision Dance Company is directly connected to the Vandegrift HS Viper Band and will provide the visual elegance for the band during their show.

Vision auditions will be open to all students who attend Vandegrift High School. There will be leadership roles available within the Vision Dance Company, and they will be modeled after collegiate repertory companies.

Vision will be an art based Dance Company and is highly recommended to those who wish to continue to develop their dance repertory.

Vision Dance Company is overseen by Holly Lyons, VHS Dance Department and Legacy Director and Mike Howard, VHS Director of Bands. A professional choreographer and Mrs. Lyons will produce Vision’s dances, and dance technicians will run the after school rehearsals. Team practice wear, accessories, bags & warm-ups will be required purchases for each member.