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Marching Band Competition FAQ’s

A note on competition from Ms. VanDoren:

“It’s important for ALL parents, community members and student performers involved to have a clear understanding of the “Why” behind what we do. The philosophy of the VHS Band and Vision Dance Company is NOT rooted in competitive results. In an art-based activity, it is the goal of the band staff to provide a family atmosphere for our students, teach them to work hard and assist them in becoming successful young adults. Expectations and goals that we create for our students are measured in our own terms, not by competitive standing. I have found that working within this philosophy creates a much greater opportunity to inspire others through performance.

I would ask ALL parents, students, and community members not get too wrapped up in the competitive aspect of marching band. While the group has experienced many wonderful accolades, it is important to note that these things are (and will continue to be) symptomatic of bigger things at hand. Relationships, hard work, inspiring others and perseverance will continue to be the cornerstones of what we do.”

Are school classifications for Bands of America and UIL the same?2021-09-25T20:30:36-05:00

No, BOA and UIL use different classification systems. Both systems are based on the school size, not band
size. BOA has a total of 4 classifications (1A-4A) and UIL has 6 (1A-6A)

What classification is Vandegrift?2021-09-25T20:30:54-05:00

The Viper Band and Vision Dance Company is classified as a 4A school in the BOA circuit and a 6A
school within the UIL circuit.

What contests are prelims/finals contests and when will I know performance times?2021-09-25T20:31:04-05:00

All contests except for UIL Region are prelims/finals format. Prelims performance times will be provided
well before the performance in the Announcement Sheet itinerary. Finals performance times will be made
available immediately following the prelims competition. Finals itineraries will always be sent out via email
and the BAND app.

How many bands make the finals contest?2021-09-25T20:31:10-05:00

BOA Austin Regional (12), Texas Marching Classic (10), UIL Area (10), San Antonio Super Regional (14), UIL
State (12)

What time should I show up for a contest?2021-09-25T20:29:41-05:00

Band contests are heavily attended events and I would highly recommend arriving at least an hour prior
to performance time to navigate parking, stadium logistics, etc. Many of our stadiums have moved to a
clear bag policy as well.

Will the stadium be cleared between prelims and finals?2021-09-25T20:16:31-05:00

Yes, most contests will require all audience members to clear the stadium at the conclusion of the
prelims competition. I highly encourage parents to take an opportunity to watch the full finals show and
show support for the other band programs!

What ticket should I buy for marching contests?2021-09-25T20:29:34-05:00

The band is never guaranteed a finals spot at any contest, however, the combination prelims/finals
ticket typically provides a price break.

Can I take my student home from the stadium/marching contest?2021-09-25T20:29:27-05:00

No, all students ride home on the buses and turn in uniforms/unload the truck, etc. Special permissions to
leave from the stadium can be considered in extenuating circumstances.

What is the advancement process to get to the UIL State Marching Contest?2021-09-25T20:29:20-05:00

UIL Region>UIL Area Prelims>UIL Area Finals>UIL State Prelims>UIL State Finals

  • All shows are prelims/finals except for Region. At Region, the band must earn a first division to
    advance on to Area.
Does it disrupt the students to cheer while they are performing?2021-09-25T20:29:12-05:00

No, the students will perform better if you cheer for them throughout the show. After each arrival (loud)
moment, technical moment (it sounds difficult), etc., applause is greatly appreciated by your performers.

Defining the Standard

Welcome to the Band Department of Vandegrift High School

The Instrumental Music Department at Vandegrift High School enrolls over 300 students from the 9th through 12th grades who study with a dedicated teaching faculty as well as private lesson instructors.

Our Philosophy of Education

Music is a fundamental piece of the human experience. Music Education is therefore a necessary endeavor to ensure that the whole child is being educated. This includes skill development, cognitive understanding, and aesthetic appreciation for many forms of music.

The primary objective of the Vandegrift High School Instrumental Music Department is to develop the performance, rehearsal, and personal practice skills of each student. The vision for the program is to “Define the Standard” in all we do.

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