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Senior Night

Date: October 14, 2022

Please assist us in honoring our Band & Vision seniors and parents on Senior Night.  

There are several tasks for which volunteers are needed. ALL volunteers will be relieved of duty in time to enjoy the football game. Volunteers are needed for everything from checking in senior parents to passing out water and senior keepsakes. For questions, contact Please note volunteer arrival times for each position as most volunteers are needed at 4:00. 

Door Monitor (4 volunteers):  Each door monitor will be in charge of opening and closing an assigned door on campus to assist in compliance with the new regulations that all doors remained locked and fully closed at all times. (Please arrive at 4:00 pm)

Parent Check-In (4 volunteers):  As a Parent Check-In and Line Up Volunteer, you will greet arriving senior parents, check them in, provide brief instruction and direction for the evening’s event, distribute the parent corsage & boutonniere and their senior’s pin. After everyone is checked in, volunteers will be available to guide parents and students as we line up in alphabetical/numerical order, then proceed to walk as a group to the stadium. (Please arrive at 4:00 pm)

Water Set Up/Distribution/Clean Up (4 volunteers): This group of volunteers will load coolers with bottled water and ice, transport coolers to check-in between buildings 1&2, distribute water to parents as they arrive, continue to offer water while parent wait in line, then clean up the water coolers. (Please arrive at 4:00 pm)

Photographer Assistant (2 volunteers): This group of volunteers will assist the photographer in the PAC for parent/student photos. This will include any direction the photographer gives, but primarily consists of keeping the photo line moving and distributing photo numbers to each family. (Please arrive at 4:00 pm)

Collect/Watch/Transport Parent Belongings (4 volunteers): This group of volunteers will collect parents’ personal belongings on carts either at check in or procession line up, and transport the carts to and from the stadium. Volunteers will monitor belongings at all times and return the carts to the band hall after the ceremony. (Please arrive at 4:00 pm)

Collect and Move Fat Head Cart (1 volunteer): This person will collect fat heads from parents of seniors who have them at check in, then transport them to the field for parents to collect after the ceremony, and return the empty cart to the band hall. (Please arrive at 4:00 pm)

Senior Time Keeper/Event Mover (2 Volunteers): This person will keep the seniors on time by reminding them to go eat, when to transition from eating to go get dressed, when to get to get to the PAC for photos, and when to get into the alpha/numeric line outside to walk. (Please arrive at 4:00 pm)

Distribute Senior Keepsake (2 volunteers):  This pair of volunteers will stand at the end of the procession to present a senior keepsake envelope to the student/parents at the end of the ceremony procession. (Please arrive at  5:45pm)

End of Walk Directions (2 Volunteers): These people will hold a sign and verbally remind every senior to immediately find their letter jacket and go to the stairs at the end of the field goal for the senior group yearbook photo. Also, remind parents and students that this is the time they may take family and friend photos after getting their letter jacket while they wait for the senior group photo. (Please arrive at  5:45pm)

Gather/Distribute/Transfer Letter Jackets (2 volunteers): This group of volunteers will gather the letter jackets from the band hall, transport them to the end zone for the senior photo after the ceremony, then return them to the band hall after the group photo. (Please arrive at 5:45 pm)

Sign up below...

4:00PM - Door Monitor#1: Cynthia Thornton
#2: Katie Kendall
#3: (empty) - sign-ups closed
#4: (empty) - sign-ups closed
4:00PM - Parent Check-In#1: Melissa Miltonberger
#2: Kim Cohn
#3: Hilpa Suthar
#4: Rebekka Handing
4:00PM - Water Prep/Move/Serve/Cleanup#1: Kendall Woltenberg
#2: Jaimee Dahl
#3: Leigh DuBose
#4: (empty) - sign-ups closed
4:00PM - Photographer Assistant#1: Julie Wang
#2: Mary Ann Fabozzi
4:00PM - Collect/Transport/Watch Parent Personal Items#1: Heather Guzenda
#2: kimberly lombard
#3: Eilish Borlet
#4: (empty) - sign-ups closed
4:00PM - Collect/Transport/Watch Parent Fat Heads#1: Ann Newton
4:00PM - Senior Time Keeper/Event Mover#1: Tara Sims
#2: Linda Wong
5:45PM - Distribute Keepsake#1: Erika Chee
#2: Leigh DuBose
5:45PM - End of Walk Directions#1: Lisa Pacheco
#2: Andrew Pacheco
5:45PM - Gather Letter Jackets/Move Jackets#1: Loretta Farmer
#2: Shea Ligon