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Mulch – Friday, Saturday, Sunday Delivery Teams

These special times command a special simple call for mulch delivery volunteers: Please READ. Please HELP!


The sign-up allows you to designate being part of a box truck delivery team or bag-only delivery teams. Trailers are particularly welcome and we may rent a few too if you can pull one. First & foremost, we need pickups and SUVs with steel bumpers as push vehicles for the box truck teams. Once we have 7 (1 for each box team), then others can pull trailers or just carry mulch themselves.


Here’s the plan, in very brief terms.

  1. From the available list of volunteers, roles will be assigned. Please just indicate general availability for Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday. (For example, if you wish to volunteer for all 3 days, you’ll need to sign up for each day)
  2. We need 7 box truck teams of 5-6 people. Driver, Navigator, and 3-4 people in a chase truck & “vehicle train” (for social distancing). Preferably, the driver/team will be the same for as many days as possible. We realize this is a big commitment but special times call for special requests. A steel bumper truck/SUV is needed for pallet pushing on Friday/Saturday. You will not hurt the vehicle front. We have years of experience doing this and can show you, but this is an essential need on each team. If you have a vehicle to push, besides signing up for a day(s), please also sign up separately below to let us know.
  3. We would appreciate adult-only “bag-only” delivery teams with pickups and/or trailers on Saturday/Sunday. Those will be 2-4 person teams helping to deliver smaller bag-only orders. If you have a trailer, besides signing up for a day(s), please also sign up separately below to let us know.
  4. Each box team will deliver pallets on Friday to Steiner primarily, deliver pallets on Saturday to all other zips, and/or help run bag deliveries on Sunday.
  5. Bag delivery teams will primarily operate on Saturday and Sunday.

Note: All positions are from 8am to ~5pm. We are planning to provide water/gatorade refill & lunch.  Please report at 7:45am at the VHS Band Practice Lot.

Please sign up for a relaxing day of hauling mulch!


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