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March-A-Thon Volunteers

Date: July 31, 2021

March-A-Thon is one of the largest fundraisers of the year.  The event starts and finishes at John Simpson Park. The students will march a route around Steiner Ranch, stopping along the way to perform lawn concerts. We need LOTS of volunteers for that day as follows:

Location: John Simpson Park in Steiner Ranch, 3506 John Simpson Trail, Steiner Ranch, TX 78732

  • Show up time for Students & Volunteers: 7:15am
  • Briefing time for Volunteers: 7:30am
  • March-a-thon Start time: 8:00 am

Medical SUV will carry the Medical Kit and two people assigned to render first aid in the event of an injury.

Band Assistants – Assist with water distribution & anything else needed. [50 Volunteers]

Relief Trucks – There will be four pick-up trucks with trailers to carry water jugs and ice chests.

  • Relief Truck 1 – Woodwinds
  • Relief Truck 2 – Percussion
  • Relief Truck 3 – Brass
  • Relief Truck 4 – Other

Directional Guides – Two people who will lead the route to ensure the band stays on the route.


Relief Trucks (4 trucks w/driver, 4 trailers, 4 ride along assistants): We need 3 truck/trailer combinations to carry student water jugs, orange water jugs, ice coolers, and other supplies. Each truck/trailer will also carry an assistant.

Medical SUV (1 driver, 1 assistant): We need one set of volunteers to drive their vehicle should a student need medical aid or general relief. One of these volunteers must have completed LISD’s new medical training class.

Collection Bucket Coordinator (1 slot): This volunteer will distribute collection buckets to those Band Assistants who will carry a bucket along the marching route. They will collect the monies periodically from the assistants and keep it secure until the end of the event.

Band Assistants (50 slots): These volunteers will help keep the students cool by passing out ice, using water sprayers, distributing frozen grapes during the break, collecting donations in buckets along the route, and more.

Directional Guides (2 slots): These volunteers will walk in the front of the band and lead the band on the marching route.

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