Mulch Volunteer Sign Up Form For:
1.  All Parents/Adults volunteering for Mulch
2.  Students (18 & older) who are driving for Mulch

Role Descriptions & Info: 

Operations Info

  • Command Center Helper – Assist Ops Center leads with various tasks to prepare delivery tickets for distributions. Provide delivery tickets to mulch vehicles & await return of vehicles/tickets to complete delivery tracking. Leads will provide on-the-job training. Prior experience helpful, but new helpers welcome!
  • Traffic Flow & Safety Monitors (with optional minor medical help) – Route traffic flow in and out of the “mulch yard”. Monitor all activity in and around the mulch yard to help keep parents and students safe among all vehicle, equipment and forklift movement. Direct students in cleaning of mulch yard as day progresses. Optionally, if you can help with minor medical needs, please select this additional role too.

Box Truck Teams Info (Friday & Saturday)

  • Driver – Drive a box truck for pallet deliveries. Prior experience strongly preferred, as well as availability to pick up truck on Thursday afternoon and return on Saturday early evening. Preferably, drivers are available to drive for BOTH Friday and Saturday.
  • Navigator – Plan route for driver based on delivery tickets and navigate to each stop (phone & power cord req’d).
  • “Push” pickup truck/SUV with steel bumpers – Follow box truck to delivery locations and carry helpers. Some mulch pushing with your vehicle is required. You will not damage your vehicle. Please contact me at if you have questions/concerns. These Push Vehicles are an IMPORTANT, MUST-HAVE function.
  • Helper – Ride in the Push Vehicle and help load/unload mulch for delivery from Box Truck. (able lift 50 lbs)

Mulch-Carrying Vehicles & Chase Vehicles Info (Saturday).

  • Mulch-Carrying Vehicle – A pickup truck, SUV or minivan that can carry mulch.
  • Chase Vehicle – Vehicle that holds 3-4 students that follows the mulch carrying vehicle to help unload bags.