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Football Volunteers:

Due to the limited number of games and the popularity of these volunteer roles, football volunteers are limited to signing up for just 1 shift. Multiple sign ups will be deleted to allow all parents an opportunity to participate. If spots remain unfilled, volunteers may elect to sign up for additional shifts beginning on Monday, 9/21/2020. Thank you for your understanding.

CHAPERONES: You will accompany the students in and out of the stadium and on bathroom breaks. Other duties include inserting and removing plumes in the student’s shakos, collecting flip folders after the Legacy performance, handing out beverages after the marching performance, preparing the bleacher area for the band before the game, ensuring the bleacher area is clean after the game, and other miscellaneous duties that may arise. You will remain in the stands with the students for the entire football game.  In order to give everyone an opportunity to chaperone a football game, please do not sign up for more than 1 game.

PIT VIPERS: You will help move band equipment on and off the field for performances. This includes the props, front ensemble equipment, and the drum major podiums. Band equipment is easy to move and does not typically require the ability to lift. However, you must be able to freely walk while pushing and pulling heavy equipment. Pit Vipers also help load and unload the band trailer and box trucks for away games. In order to give everyone an opportunity to participate, please do not sign up for more than 1 game.