Senior Night

Date: September 28, 2018

phone: 512-809-8986
Please assist our Band/Vision seniors and parents during a significant and memorable night in their high school careers:  Senior Night. There are several tasks for which volunteers are needed.  Please note that the tasks are paired (at sign ups below).  Arrival times for volunteers will generally be 3:15 pm – 4:15 pm at Building A (Lecture Hall); noted in sign up groups below.
Set Up/Clean UpSet up tables, place signage, and set up food/beverages. Return all items and help clean up.
Parent Check-In:  As a Parent Check-In Volunteer, you will greet arriving senior parents, check them in, and provide brief instruction and direction for the evening’s event.
Parent Line Up, On-Field Escort, and On-Field Facilitator:  Volunteers will provide direction to parents and student before and during on-field procession.  You will line up parents in alphabetical order in Building A, proceed to the band hall, meet students, and walk as a group to the stadium.  These volunteers will remain on the field to keep parents/students in alphabetical order and facilitate prompt line advancement.

Pinning:  As a Pinning Volunteer, prior to departing for the stadium, you will assist senior parents with pinning corsages& boutonnieres.

Jacket and parent belongings monitor and transportThis group of volunteers will collect senior jackets and parent’s personal belongings from the band hall and transport jacket racks and carts of personal belongings to the stadium.  Volunteers will monitor jackets and belongings during ceremony announcements and group photos.

Photo NumberingMatch and log photo number to senior student during professional photo session.

Senior Keepsake:  Present senior keepsake (provided by the Booster Membership) to the parents at the end of the ceremony procession.


Sign up below...

What Name
What Name
Set-up and Removal of Tables and Stands. ARRIVAL TIME 3:15 pm #1: Keitha Washburn
#2: DoRae Shipman
#3: Nicole Lothliam-tran
Parent Check-In and On-Field Escorts. ARRIVAL TIME 3:30 pm #1: Kim Rolloff
#2: Stephanie O'neil
#3: Jerry Rios
#4: Jennifer Jackson
#5: Georgette Hogarth
Pinning and Transporting Jackets and Personal Belonging to/from the Field. ARRIVAL TIME 3:45 pm #1: Nan Suong
#2: Susie Grandi
#3: Loree LeBoeuf
#4: Barbara Frierson
#5: Mari Barreda
#6: Keri Bryan
Photo Numbering (parent/student) and Senior Keepsake. ARRIVAL TIME 4:15 pm #1: Janet Kodra
#2: Isabelle Bettler