Thanks for your interest in the VHS Band and Vision Photography / Videography Team!

We are a small group of Booster parents who work to document our Band and Vision student’s experiences in images and videos.  With the pandemic this year our activities, and the number of volunteers we can accommodate, will be somewhat limited.  However, that will not stop us from completing our mission to capture the year’s experience, and save these memories!

If you are interested in helping out as a photographer or videographer, the first step is to send an email to Aaron Iacobucci (team lead) at  Aaron will be able to tell you more about what the current needs are, what you’ll would be doing, any rules or limitations due to the pandemic, and what role might be a good fit for you.

Also, remember that all parents and all students are invited and encouraged to upload their photos and videos to Smug Hug to share with the VHS Band family.  Thank you!