Mulch Delivery Day Volunteers

The Mulch volunteer sign up sheets is broken into Friday volunteer roles and Saturday volunteer roles needed.  If you are able to work both days then click back to the form to continue to sign up for another role. Dress in layers as the morning will start out cold, bring your water jug or bottle, wear close toed shoes to protect your feet, NO SANDALS or CHOCOS allowed for safety reasons.


You are expected to be at Canyon Ridge Middle School Operations  if you live in Steiner Ranch from 7:30am to 1pm, until we finish delivering… those students who live in River Place, Grandview, LongCanyon areas are expected to help at the Vandegrift High School Practice Marching Field Operations from 7:30 am to 1pm, until we finish delivering.   You don’t need to sign up, just show up and ……

  1. Sign In at Operation Center
  2. We will assign you a duty or group to work with in delivering

Friday Volunteers

We are in need of volunteers for the Friday Delivery Teams.  This will be a day where we ask volunteers to take off work if possible to help out, we will be delivering only full Pallet orders the entire day. Please consider signing up to help deliver on Friday April 6th 8am to 6pm.

Moms & Dads consider taking a day off to help deliver mulch, these will be pallet size orders, we will have all the tools to get the job done safely.

Operation Volunteers: Help in the logistics, traffic direction, medical attendant and safety coordinator.

Saturday Volunteers

We need volunteers for Operations Centers, Vehicle Volunteers and Mulch Deliveries, and Mulch Helpers(no lifting but working with delivery teams)  Please consider signing up to help deliver on Saturday April 7th 8am to 2pm.

Operation Volunteers: Help in the logistics, traffic direction, medical attendant and safety coordinator.

Vehicle Volunteers: are Chaser Vehicles (ferry students to deliveries), Mulch Vehicles (Personal Trucks (with or without trailers), SUVs or Minivans, Box Truck Drivers.  AND… Parent volunteers to load and unload mulch and or be a navigator – under the Box Truck section.

Mulch Neighborhood Kiosk Volunteers

Join us on kiosk day in Steiner Ranch! We will have tables set up with various shifts for parents and students to help out.  We will be out there on Feb & 24 2018

Thanks to the parent volunteers for Mulch Reconciliation. If you have been approved and trained, please use the sign-up below.

Mulch Reconcilers