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Interested in Photography or Videoing

Band Photographers : Take photos of the band at each football game, event and concerts, we need about 8 to 10 people so that we can spread the schedule across which two attend Football games and which one would attend competition events.  If you are a photographer at a competition event you would also be a chaperone as we are limited on how many parents we can take per UIL RULES.Band

Videographers : Take videos of the bands show during half time at football games and at some competitions and at senior night, we need about 2 to 3 people to spread the schedule across.


You would need to have your own camera for photos, however, we will provide the HD Video Camera for videoing.  If videoing you would be trained on how to put a title on the video and upload it to SmugMug where we keep all of our photos and videos of the band each year.

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What Name
What Name
Band Photographer #1: Suzette Hendrick
#2: Jennifer Imming Craven
#3: Wendy Mueller
#4: Susie Grandi
#5: Erica Guerra
#6: Erin Silvertooth
#7: Michael Wilson
#8: Becky Blackwell
#9: Wendy Worth
Band Videographer #1: Erin Silvertooth
#2: Howard Tsoi