Viper Band and Vision Dance Company,

The Lock In is tomorrow!!!  Here are a couple of reminders for the Lock-In:

  • We will meet in the band hall at 7PM to go over the rules/expectations for the evening
  • Please bring your section item for the Lock In: (drop off table is in the kitchen)
    • High Brass – Water
    • Low Brass – Baked Goods
    • Vision – Candy
    • Battery – Plates/Napkins
    • Front Ensemble – Fruits and Veggie Platters
    • Flutes and Alto Saxes – Salty Snacks
    • Clarinets and Low Reeds – Canned Sodas
  • Students are not required to stay the entire night
  • Students who are spending the night should bring their sleeping bags and pillows at 7PM (not in the morning tomorrow)
  • Girls and Boys will have separate sleeping areas and will ONLY be allowed in their designated sleeping area
  • If you want to leave before 12am, please have a parent email
  • Once students leave the Lock In, they are not allowed back in (no students will be allowed to leave after 12am)
  • Students will begin cleaning the facility at 5:30AM and will need to be picked up at 6:00AM
  • Please be sure you have a ride arranged to leave the band hall at 6:00AM on Saturday morning


As a reminder, all band and Vision members will be done with rehearsal at 11AM tomorrow.  Please take an opportunity to go home and clean up before returning for the Lock In.

See you tomorrow!

Mike Howard

Director of Bands

Vandegrift High School

Leander ISD

TMEA Region 32 Band Chair