Greetings Band and Vision Parents!
First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the support that we go out today.  We were able to get all of the Front Drops done by 12:30 or so and started work on the White Keys.  However, due to a delay in the vinyl for the back drops, we were not able to work on those.  With the first full band competition coming up on Saturday (Congrats to Mr. Hobbs and the Drumline today!) we need all hands on deck during the week to get the back drops done.  Right now we’re planning on Mon-Tue-Wed and see where we’re at.  Additionally, we need to finish covering the White styrofoam blocks to make our White Keys for the on field Piano.
Work Days:
Sunday 9 – 2 (Sept. 17) – Finish Covering the White Keys.  No special tools needed.  If we get enough people out, we should be able to finish before 2pm.  Eric Weiss will be running this work day, so look for him and tease him mercilessly!
For the Backdrops, we’ll need: Screw Guns/Drills, Squares. Clamps and Screwdrivers(to remove old screws). We’ll also need some trucks to transport the Back Drops from the Storage Unit to the Band Hall.
Monday 4:30-7:30 (Sept. 18)
Thank You!
Lonnie Fink
Propmeister VHS Band and Vision