Students and Parents,

This email is about Region Masterclasses and Hearing Times for WIND STUDENTS ONLY. Percussionists, Mr. Hobbs will be in contact with you about when your Region Masterclasses are.

Region Masterclasses will begin the week of September 5 (Tuesday)! Masterclasses are required for all students in the Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Winds. Students in the Concert Band 1 and Concert Band 2 have been given the opportunity to sign-up for masterclasses. These masterclasses are taught by some of our Middle School directors, High School directors, and Private Lesson faculty and it is expected that students arrive by 7:15am for the 7:30am start time.

Because we do not have school next Monday, next week:
Trumpets have been rescheduled to Wednesday, September 6th
Flutes have been rescheduled to Tuesday, September 5th
Bass Trombones have been rescheduled to Friday, September 8th

Region Hearing Times will begin the week of September 11. Hearing times are assigned to all students participating in Region Masterclasses. Hearing Times are one-on-one help sessions over assigned cuts and scales. Students are expected to be prepared and will receive a grade for each Hearing Time. The student’s performance does not have to be perfect, but it does have to show evidence of prior knowledge and diligent, effective practice. Hearing Times will occur on a three week rotation this year. Students will be expected to complete the assigned SmartMusic assignments by their due date as well. These will help with preparation for the Masterclasses and their Hearing Times.

SmartMusic will start next week (Sunday). Almost all students have subscribed and enrolled in their classes. If you have not done this yet, please take care of it this evening! I am available in the mornings, during PIT, and during lunch to help students enroll. If students would like to bring in tablets or laptops to get help with the program, I am happy to help!

Attached you will find four documents:
1. Masterclass Room Schedule – location of each section’s masterclass
2. Masterclass Calendar – weeks and exceptions for each week’s masterclass
3. Region Band Masterclass and Hearing Time Guidelines
4. Hearing Time Schedule

If you have a concern about your Hearing Time slot, please see if someone in your section will trade with you first, then go to Mrs. VanDoren to update the schedule. If you can’t find anyone to switch with, please let me know and I will find you another time.

On the Masterclass Calendar, if it says “Normal schedule” next to the week, please follow what is normally scheduled for that week. If it says, “No Monday sectionals” (or something similar) that sectional will likely be rescheduled for another day and be prepared for an email with when the rescheduled Masterclass will happen.

Attendance for all participating members is required. Students, if you are going to be late or absent for any reason, please communicate with me (Mrs. VanDoren) ahead of time. Tutorials are not a reason to miss your region masterclass. You have 4 other mornings and 1 afternoon to find time to go to tutorials, so please plan accordingly!

Questions? Let me know!

2017 Master Region Band Hearing Time Schedule
2017 Region Band Masterclass and Hearing Time Guidelines
2017 Masterclass Room Schedule
2017 Masterclass Calendar


Mrs. VanDoren

Katherine VanDoren
Associate Director of Bands
Vandegrift High School