Band & Vision Parents –

Many of you may recall that last year we created a “mentoring” program where we assigned incoming freshman parents to an experienced band parent in order to help the new parents transition into the chaos we call Marching Band!

We are wanting to continue this tradition – and need some willing “experienced” parents to sign up to help!

The main goal of this program is to pair up parents of sophomores / juniors / seniors with our ninth grade parents to be a source of information and to help bring an understanding of how and why things work the way they do throughout the year.

YOU to can help answer questions like:
Why does summer band start so early
What is the difference between BOA / UIL
Who are all of these other people on the field working with the kids
What is a shako and / or gauntlet
Do all the kids smell this bad
and many, many more important questions…..

IF you would be interested in helping “break-in” a new band parent/family – please let me know! Send me the following information:
your name,
students grade (10th, 11th, 12th),
email and
phone #.

During the month of July – I will begin pairing mentors up with your Freshman family(ies).

If you are interested – please let me know prior to July 1st. (after July 1st – you will need to reach me at

Thank you, as always, for your help and continued support!


Thanks for all of your support!

Julie Sadler

Vandegrift Band & Vision Dance Company Boosters