Hello Parents and Students,

This year we will be using a computer program called SmartMusic as an assessment and as a practice tool during the school year. As our program has grown, the reality for the band staff to hear every student and give every student feedback has become harder and harder to achieve. This is a program that will allow the band students and the band staff to give more feedback to individuals on band music, marching music, region music, and beyond. There is a $40/year commitment we are asking each student to make, but it is a commitment that most of the high school bands in our district have found beneficial and rewarding for both the individual students and the band program.


The Vandegrift Band Program will use SmartMusic as an assessment tool on a weekly basis during the school year. It will also be utilized during the summer as a music learning tool. All wind students in the Vandegrift Band Program are required to purchase a year-long student subscription as outlined on SmartMusic.com.

1.)   With unrestricted home access to this software, students will be able to practice school assessments at any time, as many times as they like, until they are happy with their grade.  Although we will maintain our normal routine of live performance “hearing times”, using Smart Music to prepare will have a positive effect on your child’s live assessments.

2.)   Students will benefit from having SmartMusic as an important practice tool, with access to THOUSANDS of exercises, solos, and ensemble literature.  Remember to go to SmartMusic.com to see all of the great features this technology offers for our students!


You need to sign-up for and download SmartMusic to your home computer, and let the practicing begin!

1.)   Go to SmartMusic.com.
2.)   Click on “Store”, at the very top of the web page.
3.)   When the drop-down menu appears, click “Order SmartMusic”.
4.)   Under “Student Subscription”, in the center of the page ($40), click “Add to Cart”.
5.)   In the box on the right, titled “My Shopping Cart”, click “Continue”.
6.)   Enter billing information, and click “Continue”.  We recommend that you select “automatic renewal”.
7.)   Once payment is completed, you should be able to download the software directly to your computer and begin using it immediately! Students will also be able to access SmartMusic on their school computers.

In order for SmartMusic to function properly, you need to have a microphone that works with your computer.  A couple of options that will work include…

1.)   Use your computer’s internal microphone, if it has one.
2.)   Use any external microphone.
3.)   Purchase a microphone through SmartMusic.com.


Each wind student will need to enroll in 2 classes: their band class (Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Concert Band 1, or Concert Band 2) AND their All-State Instrument class (flute, oboe, trumpet, tuba, etc.). If you need help enrolling in these classes, please watch the video above. You should easily be able to sign in to your account once you have purchased your subscription and search for Vandegrift HS.

At this point, you are done! When we are ready to start assignments, we will talk about how to view, record, and submit assignments during class. As always, if you have any questions, please let me know. Almost every high school band in our district uses SmartMusic and we believe this will be a good step for our growing band.


Katherine Rozacky
Associate Director of Bands
Vandegrift High School