Our Silent Auction is on May 12th and Gift Baskets donated by each Section help to make the auction a success. If your section will be donating a basket, the deadline for turning in your basket is May 10th.  

I am available to help you arrange the basket and can make a bow. The closer to the auction it gets, the less time I will have so please do not wait until the last minute to ask for help. I can help with this until May 10th.

(I have shred to fill baskets with and plenty of ribbon. I also have shrink bags for medium and large baskets – I can shrink them, as well as cellophane that can be pulled up over the basket and tied for bigger baskets.) There are great ideas for silent auction baskets on Pinterest if you need inspiration.

Email me if your section with be providing a basket and have your theme picked out so we can keep from duplicating them.


Thank you,


Adrian Maguire
Silent Auction Coordinator