VHS Band & Vision Dance Company Family –

It is Mulch Delivery Planning Time!… That’s right, it is time to sign up for delivery.

There is a mountain of information here – Please read this Email completely!

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): WE need everyone in the family to help with the Mulch Program Delivery – There is a job for everyone regardless of physical ability! Not all jobs require lifting.

We ask ALL Band & Vision Family members to step up and help on this critical day for the program.
EVERYONE benefits from the funds raised during this event so we ask EVERYONE to participate.  We need literally hundreds of parents and binders full of students to pull this off.  The only way this works is if we get everyone pulling together for the good of the Team.

Here’s a Suessical poem to motivate you:
Mulch have legs?  No legs.
Mulch have wheels?   No wheels.
Band and Dance kids have legs?  Yes, legs!
Band parents have wheels? Yes, wheels!
Mulch needs your legs!
Mulch needs your wheels!

Role Definitions
Operations – These volunteers assist in the command centers – Safety Coordinators, Traffic Directors, and Team Builders
Personal Trucks – We need all pickup trucks and trailers available.  If you have a pick-up truck and or trailer or have access to one – we need it!
Box Trucks – Box Truck drivers drive one of the six box trucks that hold 5-6 pallets of mulch.
Chasers – ANY car driver can be a chaser – we simply need drivers to carry student to “chase” Box trucks and pickup trucks to deliver mulch.

Friday, April 1st
We need about 50 parents to deliver large orders of a pallet or more:
Signup Link: http://vhsband.com/mulch-volunteers/friday-mulch-volunteers/

Saturday, April 2nd
We need 150+ parents to help with delivery and student movement
We need: 70 pickup trucks or cars that can pull trailers, 70+ chase cars, and about a dozen operations staff.
Signup Links:

Confused or not sure where to sign up?
Contact Alex Tomlinson at mulchdeputy@VHSBand.com he can help you decide where you’d fit best.

We need ALL Students, literally, hundreds of kids, on Saturday, April 2nd 
All Student must work at least one shift.  If you work two shifts, you can National Honor Society, PALS. Etc… Community Service credit.
You will sign up for a morning shift, an afternoon shift, or both:

Keep an eye out for Email about Mulch Operations Training Day which is Wednesday, 30 March – Morning for Students & Evening for Parents

Please go to the website now and sign up!



Charles “Kip” DeGilio

Band Nerd/Pit Viper/Mulch Monster