Good Morning,

I hope you are all having a restful 3-day weekend.  The announcement sheet for the week is attached.  All four bands are well into their concert programs and are doing a fantastic job!  This is certainly the most challenging music yet for ALL FOUR bands.  Please take a chance to listen to the program that your student is currently working on.

VHS Band Announcements 1-19

Wind Ensemble – 

Lincolnshire Posy, All Mvts. (Grainger) –
Jai ete au bal (Grantham) –
Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (Sousa) –

Symphonic Winds –

Give Us This Day, Both Mvts. (Maslanka) –
Handel in the Strand (Grainger) –
The Klaxon (Fillmore) –

Concert Band 1 – 

A Festival Prelude (Reed) –
Concord (Grundman) –
Circus Days (King) –

Concert Band 2 – 

Chanteys (Sheldon) –

Kentucky 1800 (Grundman) –
St. Petersburg March (Vinson) –

“To make art effortless, takes a lot of effort.” – Sondheim

​See you tomorrow!

Mr. Howard