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Thanks to Melinda McAfee for all her work setting up the Dessert Social last night.  She had significant help from a number of people – too many to list.  Thank you to ALL who helped with the setup and break down of Community Night.


Tomorrow morning the Band & Vision Dance Company will be departing for the Band of America San Antonio Super-Regional contest. If you review the schedule Mr. Howard sent out with the weekly announcement sheet, you will see that they will go through inspection at 4:45am and load the buses at 5am.  This is very early – Please help them be on time.  We need everyone on time to meet the tight pre-show timeline.

Bands of America San Antonio Super Regional Prelims Itinerary



– Lunch and dinner will be provided per the schedule
– Snack bar and a piece of fruit will be provided as they board the bus tomorrow
– A small snack will be provided after the preliminary performance
– It will be a long day, we encourage the students to bring their own healthy snacks to supplement the scheduled food


BOA Information Sheet

Melinda McAfee created a BOA San Antonio information sheet last week.  Please take a look at it – there is very useful information you can use.

Car Pool

There is a car pool signup list that Melinda McAfee set up.
Car Pool Signup Sheet Link:


Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.



Kip DeGilio

Vandegrift Band & Vision Dance Company Boosters