We will be sending out an email soon with the schedule for students to come and register for band.  We organize registration by last name so that we don’t get 300 people at one time showing up at the VHS Band Hall.

What happens at registration you ask? Good question.


  1. Download all the forms first and make sure you get your physical completed by your doctor before coming to registration and have the doctor sign off on your Physical Form.  Bring that with you to registration on Aug. 2nd.  CLICK HERE FOR FORMS
  2. Come to VHS Band Hall AT YOUR DESIGNATED TIME : email will be sent out with that time before Aug. 2nd.
  3. Have check book or credit card with you for payment
  4. At registration everyone will turn in all your paperwork, get all your equipment
  5. Returning band students need to bring your lyre, band shoes, all your blacks (shirt and shorts) DON’T LEAVE IT AT HOME! the purpose is to see that it is in good condition and you don’t need a replacement.

It should take you 30 minutes to get thru the line and 10 minutes to check out.