To the pride of Vandegrift,

I’m honored and privileged to take the time this morning to congratulate you on your incredible performances in San Antonio yesterday.

On Tuesday, November 5th, 2013 in San Antonio, TX the swans were peeking out from the end of the tunnel and I was so excited I couldn’t sit still.  Behind those swans there stood great potential, gifted talent, and extreme intelligence.

There were also hours of rehearsal, memory work, sweat, frustration, aching bones, tired bodies, sore joints – maybe even tears in that tunnel.  But most of all, there was HARD WORK in that tunnel.  There was discipline, perseverance, and resolve.  There was a willingness to push past where others stop.

The Vandegrift High School Band and Vision Dance Company was in that tunnel.

This is hard work is what you stand for and it’s inspiring.

 What did that hard work yield?  It yielded infinitely more than a state championship performance.  It yielded more than chills down people’s spines.  It yielded more than the emotions you conjured in your audience.  It yielded more than your heart will ever know… more than you or I could ever calculate.  Allow me to explain:

 I drove home to Austin last night inspired to work harder today.  Inspired to cling to my goals through the rehearsals, the frustration, the fatigue, the doubt.  There are many more like me.  What we accomplish will, in part, be due to you and your work.  Our work will inspire others and that will also, in part, be due to your work.  Your influence will extend farther than you can ever imagine.

Be proud of your performance and your championship.  You deserve it.  Be most proud of all that went into it.  For that is what greatness is made of.  Use it in every facet of your life and you’ll leave this world a far better place than you found it.

Congratulations to you and those who led you through this magical process.

I’m proud to know you,

Mr. Yee

FPMS Band Director